Karpiel has assisted in the design and manufacturing of the Aquacart (film product), and MTB mobility craft (off-road wheelchair), the ATV Stabilizer, and many others.


Karpiel is the original designer of the Karpiel Mountain Bike product line (featured in films and documentaries), which was sold to Duncon Bikes in 2008. We have since founded the Gravity Coaster and Electric Coaster lines, in addition to the Precision Craft Master line of tuning equipment.


Karpiel International provides manufacturing and procurement services for its own product lines, and also offers specialty design and manufacturing services under contract for custom products to be manufactured in Poland.

Droga  do  Daniela 3
34-500  Zakopane, POLAND

T: +48 606 660 117

About Karpiel International

Karpiel International continues to bring a high level of expertise to our design and manufacturing projects. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing mountain bikes, mobility products and fun coasters, our goal is to create exciting, high-quality products for our increasingly varied markets.